Cute Dog Iron On Full Embroidery Patch

Short Description:

Material: Embroidery

Size: Around 4.5~7.1mm

Border: Merrow border

Backing: Iron on

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Production details

Material Twill, Velvet, Felt, Reflective fabric or other special fabric, etc…
Logo Process Embroidered, Woven, Printings, Chenille, PVC
Border Merrowed, Hand Cut, Heat Cut, Laser Cut.
Backing Plain, Iron On, Sew on, Stick On, Hook & Loop, Wax Paper, Paper Coating Backing, Velcro
Packing Poly bag, OPP bag
Application Cloth patch, Cap patch, Shoulder patch, Garment Accessories…

Our specialty is customization, and many customers are very satisfied with our customization services. The quality of our products is great, welcome to customize your patches.

Also, we offer art work and sample to clients to confirm then produce the mass products. Please feel free to contact us. Email:

Features And Advantages

Our success comes from our client’s support

Embroidery Patch refers to the logo through the computer or through the embroidery machine embroidered on the cloth, and then the cloth for a series of cutting and modification, and finally made together with embroidery cloth badge, that is, the embroidery badge. In the production of various badges, the embroidery badge is also a very important one, widely used in a variety of casual clothing, hats, epaulettes and so on, is one of the most produced badges.


Cute Dog Iron On Full Embroidery Patch (3)
Cute Dog Iron On Full Embroidery Patch (2)

Custom design mostly welcome

Embroidery patch of the basic production process, the production of embroidery chapter can be customized according to samples or drawings. The main process is scanning, drawing (if it is customized according to the two steps of drawing can be omitted), version, electric embroidery, glue (mainly soft glue, hard glue, self-adhesive), cutting edge, burning edge, wrapping edge, quality inspection, packaging and other procedures.

Comprehensive service support

To satisfy the client with one-stop service, we’ve been keep on innovating on the production skills as well as the product range. Our embroidery products carry not only the embroidery patches, but also the embroidery gift card, embroidery keychain, embroidery luggage tag, embroidery ticket holder, embroidery book mark, embroidery charms etc..

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The backside of embroidery patch is used commonly by glue means, basically have

Soft adhesive, hard adhesive, hot melt adhesive, self adhesive and paper lining, etc. Embroidery badges refer to the glue used

Different, there are mainly hard glue, soft glue, self-adhesive so several, hard glue and soft glue are the same,

They need to be hot pressed to the clothes, but they need to be at different temperatures. Soft rubber

Embroidery pieces can be ironed on the clothes with their own irons, while hard glue needs to use high temperature hot soup

So the machine can put it on the clothes. Self-adhesive can be torn off directly to the clothing

Yes, but it's not strong, it falls off easily, it might be used once. There is another kind is magic

Stick in embroider piece the back side of a piece of male magic stick, the magic stick of the mother that sew a piece on the dress, stick next, can tear off at will, more convenient.

Welcome to contact us for more information or get quotations for your custom designs.

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