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California Science Center Round Embroidered Patches

Short Description:

Material: Embroidery

Size: Dia 100mm

Border: Laser cut

Backing: Plain

Product Detail

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Production details

Material Twill, Velvet, Felt, Reflective fabric or other special fabric, etc…
Logo Process Embroidered, Woven, Printings, Chenille, PVC
Border Merrowed, Hand Cut, Heat Cut, Laser Cut.
Backing Plain, Iron On, Sew on, Stick On, Hook & Loop, Wax Paper, Paper Coating Backing, Velcro
Packing Poly bag, OPP bag
Application Cloth patch, Cap patch, Shoulder patch, Garment Accessories…

Our specialty is customization, and many customers are very satisfied with our customization services. The quality of our products is great, welcome to customize your patches.

Also, we offer art work and sample to clients to confirm then produce the mass products. Please feel free to contact us. Email: inquiry@hey-gift.com

Common Fabric Features

California Science Center Round Embroidered Patches (1)

Embroidery Fabric

Twill fabric: About 98% utilization rate, especially for embroidery letters and object that is much more cubic.

The surface of the finished product is smooth and the cloth color is more. Generally, this style can not be used for edge burning. However, the disadvantage is that there will be rough edges when cutting the edges, and the ingredients are polyester 100% 

Velvet Fabric

The finished product is relatively advanced, but in the process of embroidery, the line will sink so that the thin edge of the font and the object will form the shape of a saw, which will make the guests think that the first work is suspected of cutting material.  But there will be no rough edges with flannelette.  Cloth is generally more expensive than twill fabric.

Felt Fabric

Because the fabric is furry, it takes 15 percent more stitches to make the finished product than twill. Can burn edge, wrapping edge, cutting edge without burrs.

California Science Center Round Embroidered Patches (2)

Welcome to contact us for more information or get quotations for your custom designs.

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