Manufacturer Bulk Cute Colorful Button Tin Badge

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Material: Button, Tin, Plastic

Size: 20~150m, customized

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Production details

Shape Normal round, Heart, Star, Square, Oval, Rectangle, Customized
Logo Process Offset printing, Embroidery
Packing Poly bag, OPP bag, Custom required
Attachment Safety pin, Magnet, Plastic
Application Souvenir, Shop Gifts, Promotional Gifts

Our specialty is customization, and many customers are very satisfied with our customization services. The quality of our products is great, welcome to customize your button badge.

Also, we offer artwork and sample to clients to confirm then produce the mass products. Please feel free to contact us. Email:

Surface coating style process

Light film (Default effect)

Bright color, strong sense of luster, small color difference (recommended)

Grind film

Strong sense of particles, anti-light reflection, not easy to fingerprint.

Silk film

Unique brush texture, feel good, effectively resist scratches.

Manufacturer Bulk Cute Colorful Button Tin Badge (4)
Manufacturer Bulk Cute Colorful Button Tin Badge (6)

Fabric film

Horizontal and vertical texture interlaced to form a cross texture, also known as cross film.

Surface imitation leather texture film

Strong sense of art, unique feel.

We can support different surface effect button badges. If you like to know more, please kingly help contact us, we will send pictures to you accordingly.

And please note that we are mainly specialized in custom design, hopefully can have chance to have your design and your requirements, providing more suitable solution to you. So that we can make the product meet your expectation and the idea in your heart. Thanks so much.

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Welcome to contact us for more information or get quotations for your custom designs.

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