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Metal Emblem — Souvenir Metal Keychain-Zinc Alloy


In our daily life, keychain is one of the most common things we use. It is not only functional, but also decorative.

As we know, with the development of society and people’s desire to all the beautiful things, the decorative characteristics of the keychain is more and more important for us. Keychain has become a souvenir commodity rather than a tool help us to collect all the keys because we all like to use a beautiful keychain to decorate and colorize our daily life.

In order to make the beautiful, practical but quality-looking souvenir metal keychain, they are many factors we need to consider. The first priority material of the keychain is zinc alloy because of the following reasons.
1.Zinc alloy is a good material, as the name suggests, zinc alloy is made of zinc mixed with other raw materials but it’s eco-friendly.
2.Zinc alloy is resistant to rust and with nice abrasion performance. In this case, we can use it for a long time.
3.Zinc alloy is a kind of die casting process. It can achieve very good 3D details.
4.Zinc alloy is not that heavily. So it’s more comfortable for people to take it.
5.Zinc alloy is cheaper than the bronze material
Considering all these advantages, zinc alloy has been the most competitive option for the metal keychains. It increases the practical and aesthetic value of the keychain.

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Post time: Jan-05-2023