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Metal Emblem — Souvenir Coin Brief Introduction Letter

This is Souvenir Coin from Metal Emblem Family, today I would like to introduce myself briefly.

First, my name is metal coin. But I also have some other nick name like souvenir coin, challenge coin, commemorative coin etc.. I’m always happy to hear with all these different names.

Normally, I am in round shape. But I can be other shapes as long as you can image and design out, like the square, triangle, rhombus, rectangular and so on. And then, you can decorate my clothes with your idea. We can wear the clothes in the different plating color, different logo or different coloring process. It is the same as my brothers pins and medals, the most different place is I can have different cutting options around my edges.


Speak of them, we have several cutting styles which we use frequently, they are rope line edge, curve wave edge, petal edge, flat wave edge, oblique line edge, diagonal edge, grid edge, scale edge, and diamond line edge. Normally, the width of the cutting edge is 1.8mm. What’s more, we can keep the edge in different colors. If you don’t want my edge to be the same plating color as other parts, we just cut the edge as the very last process. Then my edge would turn out to be shiny bronze color, which makes me look more gorgeous. Well, please take note that our body shape must be regular if you want the cut edge. If our body shape is irregular, maybe we can not have this kind of diamond cutting edge decoration.


This is what I want to share with you today. Actually, there are more interesting things around us, if you have more questions and want to know more about us, you are welcome to consult.

Happy Gift has been specialized in the metal gift and promotional items for almost four decades. We always welcome your own design and we can customize out all kind of gifts and promotional items according to your desired size and shape.

Post time: Jan-05-2023