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Maintenance Notes for Customized Metal Medal and Badges – Lesson II Class of the day — Maintenance Notes of Customized Metal Medal and Badges – Part Two

Further to the last article about maintenance matters needing attention, today we would like to talk about maintenance collection methods

Keep with Frame
This is the best way we use to protect in our daily life, it can also be a decoration. We can image that we put them in a very nice frame, hanging on our house, they are a beautiful sight. Well, please make sure the liner in the frame won’t contain too much acid.
Using Protective Film
The most simple and brutal way is to wrap each medal with a protective film to isolate the oxygen and moisture in the air and prevent metal oxidation and rust. But this way is only suitable for storage is not suitable for display, for the people who don’t like to show out, it is a good idea for them to protect the metal medal and badge.
Plating or painting a layer of Protective Film
Besides we can use the protective film by our hand to wrap the medals and badges, we can also plate or paint the protective film on the metal surface directly. It is also a good idea to elongate the metal color of the of medals.
Using other protective package material
Like we always suggest our clients to use the plastic PVC bag or bubble bag to do the package for the heavy items like the medals, suitable package material will help us to reduce the risk during the transportation as well as storage the medals or badges properly.
In a word, for the metal medals and badges which have higher collection value, we need to pay more attention on it to protect and cherish them, they will be a wonderful memory in our life
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Post time: Dec-28-2022