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Maintenance Notes for Customized Metal Medal and Badges – Lesson I Class of the day — Maintenance Notes of Customized Metal Medal and Badges – Part One

Here we would like to talk about the maintenance noted about metal medal. Below are the
useful hints which we can follow in our daily life.

Away from Water
Since they are metal product, it is easy to get rust and corrosion because of the moisture, and it is easy to appear erythema and white mist in a humid environment for some time. When collecting medals and badges, they should be stored in sealed boxes, and away from humid conditions.
No Scratching
Generally, the metal badge and medals would be plated on the surface. The plated surface is a kind of delicate and easy to get scratches by the sharp points like the corner of the item or other sharp tools. We need to pack them well and protect them from scratching properly. Each with separate bags would be perfect. Also, when taking it out or putting it back, treat it gently and don’t let them rub with each other.
No Hand Touching
It is easy to leave finger prints or sweat marks when touching the medals with wet or sweaty hands. If you want to enjoy them, you can wear thin gloves. If the shiny plated medal, like the shiny gold or copper medal has been left for too long, it will inevitably become dusty and not bright. In this case, wipe it with a clean, soft cloth, and those areas in the corner that need special care, wipe it with a soft brush.
Away from Acid and Base
Acid and Base have a strong corrosion effect on metals, which can cause oxidation and discoloration, or damage and perforation of the entire medal badge and metal medals Therefore, the medal badge or metal medal is strictly prohibited to be placed together with acid and base.
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Post time: Dec-28-2022