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Chinese Valentine’s Day QIXI Festival Book Mark

Qixi Festival, also known as Qiqiao Festival, Qijie Festival, Doll Festival, double seventh Festival, etc., is a traditional Chinese folk festival. Through the historical development, Qixi was endowed with the beautiful love legend of the “cowherd and the Weaver girl”, making it a symbol of love festival, so it is considered to be the most romantic traditional festival in China, and in contemporary times, it has the cultural meaning of “Chinese Valentine’s Day”. Then a gift for this Chinese Valentine’s Day is quite meaningful.

We have many different gift options for selection about this Festival. Here we would like to share QIXI Festival Photo etched book mark with you. You can see, they are beautiful and useful. They are both ornamental and functional. They could be different size, different shape and different color, even could be different material. For metal bookmarks, it could be bronze, aluminum or stainless steel. The logo on the book mark surface could be with soft enamel coloring, printing or even just photo etched out without coloring. Packing with a quality box, it could turn out to be a classic and fancy gift. Especially with some traditional or vintage style logo, this bookmark gift set would be even more collectible.


Actually, beside the metal material, we could also offer the custom book markers in craft paper, PVC, silicon, embroidery, PU, leather and so on. You can specify the color and logo you want. You can also make the effect as 2D or 3D, depends on your idea, as long as you can think of it, we will cooperate with you to make it out. 


Happy Gift has been specialized in the metal gift and promotional items for almost four decades. We always welcome your own design and we can customize out all kind of gifts and promotional items according to your desired size and shape.

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Post time: Aug-15-2022