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5 Methods To Classify The Challenge Coins

1. Classify the challenge coins by country or region.


2. Classify according to the historical age. The current popular drafting can be roughly divided into ancient coins (before 600 AD), medieval coins (601-1600), modern coins (1601-1917) and modern coins (1917 to present).


3. Classify according to materials. Challenge coins are made by various materials including precious metals and ordinary metals. There also commemorative coins made by ceramics.


4. Classify according to designs. Different designs present different styles. Some people collect national emblem coins, flower coins; others also collect wild animal coins and characteristic construction coins, or collect the avatar coins of each country.


5. Classify according to production process. For example different coloring methods; different colors electroplating; different edge process, etc.. Especially if you are profession in this field, it’s easy for you to use this method.

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Post time: Jul-22-2022