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Embossed Logo Cute Silicone Bracelet Money Coin Purse

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Material: Soft PVC, Hard PVC, 7-P free, non-toxic, Food grade security

Logo Process: Debossed with or without color, Embossed with or without color, printing, Laser engraving, Printing

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Color Process According to the PMS chart
Packing Plain poly bag, OPP bag, OPP bag with a backing card or with the head card, gift box, blister etc.
Application Souvenir, Gifts, Decoration, Promotion Gifts…

Our specialty is customization, and many customers are very satisfied with our customization services. The quality of our products is great, welcome to customize your PVC products.

Also, we offer art work and sample to clients to confirm then produce the mass products. Please feel free to contact us. Email:inquiry@hey-gift.com

Vision of Soft PVC

Wide prospect of PVC industry is developing rapidly in the whole world, all countries on the potential of PVC and it’s for the benefits of the ecological environment, PVC is its superior and unique function to prove its function and position is any other products can't replace, social development needs it, environment maintenance need to it, it is an inevitable trend in the us the progress of human civilization.

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PVC products can be divided into two categories: hard and soft. Plasticizer is not added in hard products processing, and soft PVC is a kind of rigid plastic originally, its vitrification temperature is 80 ~ 85℃. After joining plasticizer, can make vitreous change temperature is reduced, facilitate processing below inferior temperature, the amount of plasticizer that plastic place adds is PVC 30% ~ 70%. After adding plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, colorant and filler during processing, the specific uses of PVC can be processed as follows.

PVC products can be seen everywhere in our daily life. PVC is used to make all kinds of imitation leather, clothing PVC fabrics are generally absorbent fabrics (do not need to be coated), such as wallets, baby pants, PVC is also used in many sports and entertainment products, such as toys, records and sports.

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We are specialized in metal crafts (badges, keychains, coins, medals, bottle openers and so on), lanyards, embroidery & woven patches, soft PVC & silicon gifts. with more than 38 years experience.

Certified Member of SEDEX, Supplier of Disney, McDonald’s, Universal Studio, Bureau VERITAS, Polo Ralph Lauren etc.

Welcome to contact us for more information or get quotations for your custom designs.

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